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LMS V1.0.3

LioN Management Suite Software can be used for detecting or scanning LioN-Power I/O Modules (Profinet, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT) within your industrial network and proceeding a firmware update.

This tool allows you to update the firmware files of the connected LioN-P devices simultaneously instead of having the need to run a firmware update individually for each I/O module through the integrated web server.

Using LMS:

> Connect your devices to the computer

> Select the running protocol (using the buttons in the up right corner)

> Pick the interface you connected the devices on

> Press the search button to read the devices

> System scans the devices

Note: LioN-P device(s) without a configured IP adresse will automatically assigned to a  free IP adresse within  the set IP range as in below image.


For every device you want to update (A device can be updated if the 'Update action' is marked with green)

> Select the wanted version from the drop down list

> Make sure the 'Update' checkbox is checked

> Press 'Run Update' button

Warning! Once you started the update process for a device you must finish it! Otherwise you risk breaking the device and the integrity of your system! 

The update process starts when you proceed firmware upload and it stops after the last restart required - the ending of the update process is indicated by the 'Update Done' value in column 'Update action' - only in that moment you can safely disconnect the device.

Update  flow for selected Device:


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